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Revitalize every aspect of your hotel, spa, restaurant or interior designer project with the refined selection from Baobab Collection. Whether it's the elegance of lobbies and rooms, the tranquility of bathrooms, the ambiance of restaurants, the serenity of spas, the allure of terraces or a gift for your guests, our candles, diffusers, and body wellness products redefine luxury, imbuing every space with a blend of sophistication and style.​

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Personalization of our diffusers​

Explore the uniqueness of each fragrance, giving you the choice to select not only a specific design but also a distinct scent to engage all senses in our range of diffusers. Personalization options are available (price provided upon request), ensuring a truly tailored and memorable experience for your guests.

Elevate your hotel's ambiance

From small to large sizes, our diffusers offer a subtle touch of sophistication, enchanting the lobby and open rooms with captivating scents. Meanwhile, our meticulously crafted design candles serve as aesthetic focal points, enhancing visual appeal. Create an unforgettable atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

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Transform Your Restaurant's Ambiance

Enhance your dining experience with our exclusive candle holders, versatile diffusers, and sizable candles for a warm and sophisticated atmosphere. Set the perfect mood with our curated ambiance solutions. Elevate further by using our exquisite hand soaps and wash gels in your restaurant's bathrooms.

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Elevate Your Room Ambiance with Diffusers

Elevate your hotel room ambiance and décor with Baobab Collection's refillable diffusers, seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics. Immerse guests in captivating scents, harmonizing the atmosphere. Our design-enhanced diffusers not only elevate aesthetics but also offer easy refills for a continuous journey of sensory elegance. ​

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Elevate Your Bathroom Experience

Elevate your hotel's bathroom experience with Baobab Collection's city-themed wellness essentials, immersing guests in distinct fragrances. Crafted hand soap, wash gel, lotion, and shower gel mirror the essence of different destinations, adding a personalized touch to your guests' stay.

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Baobab Collection's Exceptional Art of Gifting Experience​

Experience the art of gifting with Baobab Collection, where every present signifies intention, whether it's affection, gratitude, or celebration. Our luxurious home fragrances offer hotels a unique chance to create unforgettable guest experiences, presented in our iconic black gift box. Elevate your hotel's offerings, making every occasion, from birthdays to expressions of loyalty, truly exceptio nal.​

Additionally, explore our captivating gift sets featuring soaps, home perfumes, and body wellness products, each themed around a city. Immerse your guests in a journey that transcends borders, adding an extra layer of joy to their travels.