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Celebrate love in every detail, from exquisite gifts to enchanting table settings, ensuring each element reflects the unique bond of the day. Whether you're searching for the ideal presents for the bride and groom, delightful favors for guests, or aiming to enhance your table decor, allow our curated selection to inspire and delight you.

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Perfect gift for the newlyweds

Explore our carefully selected gifts for the bride and groom, featuring a range of elegant keepsakes and scented treasures. Each item is thoughtfully chosen to celebrate their union, ensuring these gifts beautifully commemorate their special day and enhance their new journey together.

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Delight your guests and commemorate your special day with our exquisite selection of tiny treasures. Each piece is infused with a fragrance that captures the essence of your love and gratitude. Allow us to help you make a lasting impression with unforgettable gifts that echo the cherished moments of this joyous celebration.


Discover our enchanting selection of scented candles, each carefully crafted to add a touch of fragrance and elegance to your wedding table. Indulge in aromas that transform your celebration into a memorable, sensory experience. Choose the perfect scent to complement your special day.


For many centuries, white pearls have been seen as symbols of purity and love. Sprinkled with light pink and white fragments, the White Pearls scented candle is inspired by the perfection of the pearl, also known as “tears of the gods". The perfect wedding gift.